Mastering the art of bespoke tailoring and alterations, our customers trust us with their garment, whatever the services be. Our alteration service features adjustments to the length of sleeves, adjustments to the waist, shortening or lengthening the trousers, added repairs or even adding embellishments such as buttons or pockets. Jumper alteration is for those who have a hard time finding jumpers that fit properly. By making adjustments and alterations to a jumper, we can help ensure that the garment fits comfortably and properly, A & Z helps improve the wearer’s confidence and appearance. Our jumper alterations can also be useful for updating an older or outdated piece of clothing to give it a new look. This includes adding a new collar, changing the length of the sleeves, or even adding embellishments such as embroidery or beadwork.

Jumper alteration services are typically performed by a professional tailor or a seamstress, who has the skills and experience to make the necessary adjustments. It’s important to ensure that the tailor or seamstress you choose has experience in working with knit fabrics and jumpers, as these fabrics can be more delicate and require a different approach when being altered. With over 40 years of experience, A & Z knows their way around different types of fabric and garments, therefore we assure you that your garment is in safe hands. Jumper alteration is an important service that requires meticulous tailoring, therefore it is better to leave jumper alterations in the hands of professionals . We can help make sure that the jumper fits properly and looks great, while being comfortable. If you are in need of jumper alterations, make sure to find A Z tailors and alterations in Luton.

Book your alteration appointment through our appointments portal to secure your slot as early as possible. Contact us to know more about Jumper alterations. Service provide in LUTON, DUNSTABLE, HITCHIN, AMERSHAM, MILTON KEYNES, AYLESBURY, ST ALBANS, STEVENAGE, HARPENDEN, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, BIGGLESWADE, KEMPSTON, FLITWICK, LEIGHTON BUZZARD and LONDON.