Wedding Dress Alterations 101

October 29, 2022

It’s a pretty common misconception that a wedding dress will magically fit like a glove when it arrives at the store and that wedding dress alteration are only necessary if you buy from the store. The truth is that almost all wedding dresses will need to be tailored to fit perfectly, even if they are just hemming. We asked our brides on social media.  Our brides have been asked the best questions and now we have the answers. While we do our best to give brides an idea of how their dresses will need to change, we decided to contact one of our favorite wedding dress experts in the UK. 

How do you decide the price of the modifications?

It really depends on what the dress needs. If we’re just sewing the hem, I charge per layer. That’s because some wedding dress alterations have many large layers that will take longer! If the lace If the hem needs to be removed and reattached, I charge a flat rate for the hem. You won’t want to lose the lace detail on your ship, so I removed the lace, and hem, and re-glued the lace. Pricing is often dictated by the outfit, as they are all different and they all require different adjustments. “

How long in advance should the bride begin the revision process?

“You typically want to start editing about 3 months before your wedding. Usually, there will be a total of 3 contact appointments with time in between to get the job done. Normally, we schedule the retouching session. Final edit 1-2 weeks before the wedding during the final fitting, there may be a few tweaks that will be made here and there, but it will primarily be for dress rehearsals. The bride will have a lesson in hustle and everything.

What is the purpose of wedding dress alteration?

Before considering that the wedding dress is ready for your big day, you will go to trial on the bride. During this try-on, the consultants will talk to you about the necessary changes your outfit needs to fit you. This is also the perfect time to talk about any changes you want to make to your outfit. For example, some brides want to add straps or sleeves to their strapless dress, while others may want to remove a few layers of tulle to make the dress flatter; While these changes don’t change the fit of the dress, they are aesthetically important decisions for the bride. 

When it comes to flared dresses, is there an easy and standard way to dress up?

“It depends on the dress, every dress is different! You can have the same dress for 3 brides and the cup size may be different for each person as it depends on the bride’s height and taste. I always say, ‘Listen to the costume! ‘The dress tells you what it wants. There’s always the traditional American cup style (with pleats on the outside) and the French cup style (below). Usually, wherever the dress starts, it will flare out, which is where the bustle will be. “

Any suggestions for the bride who wants to wear both heels and loafers to her wedding?

If you don’t hem the dress over the apartment, it will drag on the floor and you’ll trip all night. The last thing you want to do is ruin your dress. If you’re going to wear it in the house, both sole and heel, I would recommend mid-heel. It’s about finding a happy medium!”

What should I wear/bring to my retouching appointment? “

Bring everything you’re going to wear – like a top, shoes, and any bra you plan to wear – as everything changes the fit of the dress. Many brides no longer carry bras with them.” extra support, as the dresses are pre-made. Additionally, we also offer bust shaping, which can completely eliminate the need for bra cups!”

Why should hire us for wedding dress alteration 101?

Our experience and teamwork ensure that our fitters and tailors discover the best options to correctly fit your wedding gown and achieve your desired style for the occasion. We have experience working on couture gowns, high-end fashion, and evening gowns with intricate fabrics, beading, and embellishments, and we are confident in our abilities. Our seamstresses can assist you in wedding dress alteration with boned and corseted bodices. We are wedding gown alteration and restyling experts who can transform any gown to a high standard. Our crew has the knowledge and experience to properly care for and fit your bride’s dress, whether it is corseted, embroidered, sequined, or couture-finished.

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