Tips to Get the Best Out of the Wedding Dress Alterations That You Must Know!

March 14, 2022

Changes in the wedding dress are part of completing your bridal look. Here are some basic tips to keep your Wedding Dress Alterations running smoothly.


Congratulations! You have found the wedding dress of your dreams, but that does not mean that the process is not over yet, you need to sew the beautiful dress that fits you and your body perfectly. Whether your wedding dress needs a simple hem, and added ruffle, or a full bodice, you’ve got the expert makeup tips you need to know. Not sure what to expect when you first meet a wedding tailor? Do not be sad, It’ll be answered through this web blog of all your burning questions with bridal makeup tips and proper etiquette that you need to know.


12 Wedding Dress Alteration Tips From an Expert | Wedding Spot Blog

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●      Your wedding dress will likely need to be altered at any cost:

Most wedding dresses are made in popular sizes, so the bride’s body rarely fits the designer’s dress. After you find your wedding dress, the bridal salon will compare your measurements with the designer’s size chart and order the appropriate Wedding Dress Alterations. Upon arrival, the dress should fit your body perfectly.


●      Plan not just one, but three accessories.

Bridal salons and tailors typically recommend at least three bridal suites. Plan your first rehearsal about three months before your wedding, your second rehearsal about a month before your wedding, and your last rehearsal two weeks after.


●      Check with your bridal salon for changes to your home wedding.

One of the best tips for wedding alterations is to ask your bridal salon if they offer in-house tailoring. Not only is this a huge time saver, but these tailors have likely worked on your particular dress (or similar styles from the same designer) before, and many stores will give you a small discount if you make the changes in-house.


●      If you don’t feel it after trying again, raise your voice.

The Wedding Dress Alterations will do their best to make your dress fit you, but you are the one who wears it. So, if you encounter any problems, please speak up. If the zipper is loose, the straps are loose, or don’t support your chest well, try not to take your bra off when you sleep on the side and stick to the zipper at the bottom of the dress.


●      Choose your media carefully.


Proper wedding dress etiquette is to bring a friend or two close friends and family for a second opinion. Avoid bringing in too many people, just as you would when buying clothes. All these problems put pressure on you and make the job of a tailor even more difficult.


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