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aztailor | August 4, 2022
Customizing garments to exactly fit your unique measurements requires a skilled seamstress. On the other hand, an expert in modifications specializes in minor and easier jobs like changing the length or waistline of clothing. A piece of clothing that has... Read more »
aztailor | March 5, 2022
The bridesmaid dress is made up of various parts. Each portion is altered differently, from the slump to the hip. And it all begins with understanding how much of a difference whatsoever between one’s size and the gown's size. Using Duct Tape, Adjus... Read more »
aztailor | February 17, 2022
Some leather experts are passionate about bringing exceptional old-world craftsmanship to your leather goods. They are a team of trained and experienced professionals who consistently provide the best craftsmanship. Leather and all kinds of clothing a... Read more »