Key Facts Before Your First Wedding Dress Fitting

April 18, 2024

Many brides understand that wedding dress changes are required even before they begin looking for dresses. However, they may have overlooked important facts concerning the changes. Before you face any surprises during fittings, familiarize yourself with the Wedding Dress alteration at St Albans.

Timing is Essential

After you’ve chosen your dream dress, don’t wait to schedule adjustments. Quality seamstresses frequently have hectic schedules, and the altering procedure might take many months from the first fitting to completion. To minimize last-minute rushing, make a plan in advance.

However, it is equally important not to schedule changes too early. Your body could change over time, so a dress that fit flawlessly months ago may not fit on your wedding day. Allow for an extended period between adjustments and the wedding day to guarantee a perfect fit with no unnecessary delays.

Hire Wedding Dress Alteration, St Albans

While many bridal boutiques provide alterations for the wedding gowns they sell, this is not a standard service. The A&Z Tailor and Alterations employs a select group of in-house seamstresses, but we also work with other seamstresses who are trusted to undertake necessary alterations.

Given that some brides may buy their gowns from a place far from their home or wedding destination, finding a wedding dress tailor near me may be important. This can assist in reducing travel time for many bridal fittings.

If this is your situation, you must find someone who has experience dealing with wedding gowns and formal eveningwear. Remember that your wedding dress is a major purchase with high emotional importance. Avoid the possibility of poor alterations by properly screening the people you select to deal with.

Bring Your Shoes and Your Undergarments

Additionally, bring your shoes and underwear with you to your fittings. The choice of undergarments, such as bras and shapewear, can have a considerable influence on how the dress fits. Similarly, even a minor change in heel height might influence the optimal hemline of your gown. To ensure the proper fit, wear the shoes you want to wear on your wedding day during fittings, allowing the seamstress to modify the hem while you’re dressed.