How Curtain Alterations Works & Why Should Choose It?

January 24, 2022

How Curtain Alterations works & Why should choose it?

You’ve finally found Curtain Alterations that fit your decor, but they’re too long and need to be replaced. Shortening curtains can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t have a sewing machine or sewing skills. You can perform low-cost, simple board replacements yourself without engineering changes. Curtains can be shortened with soft ironing tape or fabric glue.

Curtain Alterations
Curtain Alterations

Why is bracelet important in Curtain alternation?

  • Fold the bottom of the Curtain Alterations section to the desired length. Pin the cloth together. Remove the curtains and place the panels face down on a flat surface.


  • Place the tape measure on the flat edge of the board. Measure the amount of material to be folded. Use this measurement to fold the fabric under the panel and pin every 2 to 3 inches. Continue measuring and securing until you reach the other side of the board. Repeat this for all panels.


  • Press the bottom of the plate with a hot iron to create a sharp edge. Measure the width of the panel and straighten the iron elastic.


  • Take my pencil and place a strip of paper (paper side up) on the board and under the folded edge. The tape should be sandwiched between the folded edge and the panel.


  • Keep the grill on medium heat. Open the tabs on both sides and use one hand and iron to hold the tape in place. Iron each widget for 2-3 seconds. Continue along the width of the panel. Repeat this process for all panels.


  • Set the plate aside and let it cool completely. Carefully remove the surface of the tape. Fold the edge tabs over the strips. Squeeze the fabric for 10-12 seconds before moving on to the next section. Let the plate cool completely. Re-hang the curtains. Always use professional Curtain Alterations.

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