Jeans Alteration
aztailor | June 19, 2024
The right jeans fit provides confidence, style and comfort. Most people wear jeans all the time since they are robust and versatile. Getting an off-the-counter pair that has a fitting to the body is overwhelming. The body shapes and styles differ, so the... Read more »
jeans Alteration
aztailor | June 17, 2024
Denim embodies relaxed style.  All of us value vintage jeans. We wear them on weekends and work casual Fridays.  Even favourite trousers feel worn sometimes.  They may not fit, be obsolete, or have a bad tear that has sent them to the back of the clos... Read more »
jeans Alteration
aztailor | May 21, 2024
Jeans happens to be one of the clothing base that goes beyond the barriers of age, the sense of fashion, and all social circles. But the off-the-rack jeans are not always perfect fits. This is specially true for an individual. The one who would flaunt th... Read more »
jeans Alteration
aztailor | April 28, 2024
For the residents of UK, jeans is a favored piece of clothing. In fact, be it the teenagers of the senor ones, you will find the jeans clothing items in the wardrobes for sure. But when it comes to the perfect fit of the jeans items, there comes the comp... Read more »
aztailor | March 28, 2024
In the world of fashion, perfect fit is all-important. From that pair of jeans that need to hug your curves perfectly, to a beloved jacket in need of alterations, there is truly no replacement for a professional tailor. In a town such as Luton, alive wit... Read more »
Editor | December 24, 2023
London has historically dominated the fashion industry in terms of innovation and flair. The thoroughfares of this vibrant metropolis serve as a catwalk for unique fashion statements and current trends. Among the plethora of fashion options available... Read more »