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December 15, 2021

Offering You The Finest Leather Jacket & Suit Alteration Services In All Of LUTON

We have all been in the situation where we find a perfect leather jacket but soon discover that it isn’t available in the size we want. It is a fact that commercial companies selling clothes make them in standard sizes which can’t flatter different body types. This is where we come in, AZ tailor and alteration is the leading bespoke tailors near you. Designing and sewing a leather jacket is hard, and altering one is equally tough, therefore we have specialist tailors skilled just for altering store-bought suits and leather jackets. There are many that offer alterations, but few that live up to the expectations. Our 3 step process makes our services efficient and stands out from the rest. We first offer personal consultations with our specialists, on an appointment basis, deciding the fit and style of leather jackets and suits. The second step is to visit our shop for the fitting of the jacket and suit to get an accurate silhouette and measurements. The last step is the final fitting of the leather jacket and suit, if you are satisfied with the alterations you can take your article home with you.

Oftentimes alterations of leather jackets and suits can prove to be expensive. At AZ we believe in quality for less, keeping our services affordable and within everyone’s reach. Mastering the art of bespoke tailoring, our tailors put forward the idea of providing alteration services for customers. If you are rethinking about alterations after watching DIY videos then don’t, altering a leather jacket is a difficult task and requires years of experience. By doing alterations yourself can ruin the fit and the look of the expensive leather jacket and suit. Leave this job to the professionals!

Aside from altering, we also repair leather goods, including leather belts, leather pants, leather jackets, leather skirts, and much more. From tailoring to alterations, repair to servicing, you name it, we provide it. Our store is equipped with updated technology, making this complicated job easier for our team.

We take pride in what our team of tailors does. With quality being our priority, our tailors are trained to do the most difficult of tasks consistently and efficiently. Alterations to shorten sleeves, loosen or tighten waist & shoulders, bring in the hemline and much more can be done by our expert tailors. As far as the repair goes, our alter can mend the lining, zipper, and tear of the leather jacket or suit jacket. Save your money, time, and your garment by leaving the alterations to A&Z tailors and alterations!