12 Tips for Wedding Dress Alterations You Should Know About

September 28, 2022

Wedding dress alteration is a part of completing your bridal look. You’ve found your dream wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean the process is over – you need to get the gorgeous dress that fits you and your figure perfectly. Whether your wedding dress needs a simple alteration service to add interest or it needs to be completely resized, we have the expert wedding dress-up tips you need to know. 

Not sure what to expect when meeting a wedding tailor for the first time? Do not worry! We answer all your burning questions with our own tips for changing brides, along with the wedding dress etiquette you need to know. Stay on this blog to learn more about our wedding dress change service. Keep reading to see our tips for wedding dress alterations and bridal fittings.

Your wedding dress probably needs to be altered no matter what

It’s rare that wedding dresses are made to size, so it’s rare for a bride’s body to fit perfectly into a designer dress, such as your dress that might fit like a glove at the hip, But too loose in the chest. After you find your wedding dress, the bridal shop will compare your measurements with the designer’s size chart and order the closest dress size. Upon arrival, the outfit will be precisely adjusted to fit your figure. Here A&Z tailors will help you tailor your wedding dress to suit you.

Schedule not just one, but three dress fittings

Bridal salons and tailors usually recommend having at least three wedding dress accessories. Schedule the first try about three months before your wedding day, a second try about a month before your wedding day, and a final try after two weeks. You may need an extra piece of clothing if you add sweeping customizations, like long sleeves or tunics. As a general rule, the wedding dress will accompany you on the final try. And now your dress is ready to wear.

Ask your bridal salon about in-house wedding alterations

One of the most important tips for dressing up is to ask your bridal salon if they offer in-home tailoring. Not only is this a huge time saver, but these tailors may already be working on your particular dress, and many stores will give you a discount for making changes at home. But if they don’t, don’t panic! Your wedding dress change service can refer to A&Z’s trusted professionals who specialize in wedding dress changes.

Bring the right bridal accessories

On the first fitting, bring along the dress and bra you plan to wear on your wedding day, as these can greatly affect the fit of your dress. Wearing a pair of sky-high heels will require the hem of your wedding dress to be a different length than if you chose a pair of sparkly wedding dresses which suits another pro tip for meeting brides. To make sure your dress is sewn to the exact fit you want when you walk down the aisle, be sure to have the silhouettes, bras, and jewelry you plan to wear on your big day.

Don’t freak out if your wedding dress doesn’t fit perfectly at first

On the first try, you can try on the wedding dress for the first time. But don’t panic if it doesn’t fit perfectly, that’s completely normal. Be direct with your tailor about how you envision the look of your dress and if there are any major changes you’d like to make, such as adding straps or changing the neckline. Above all, don’t be afraid, to be honest, and ask questions! Chances are our Tailors and Alteration have seen it all, and they may have some great expert advice to share.

Speak up if your dress still doesn’t feel right at the second fitting

A&Z tailors will do everything in their power to make sure your dress fits, but it’s you who wears it, so say so if anything goes wrong. Whether it’s a sore zipper, a drooping strap, or insufficient support for the bust, justification will help you avoid having to order extra accessories, which will ultimately allow you to stick with the times. get dress.

Be selective when choosing your entourage

The right etiquette for a wedding is to bring only one or two close friends or family members in for a second opinion. Just like shopping for clothes, you want to avoid bringing too many people – all of these opinions will stress you out and make the tailor’s job that much more difficult. On your final try, bring at least one person to help you prepare for your wedding day. Our tailors and editing services will want to teach them how to pull you, wrap your corset or liven up your train.

Include wedding dress alterations in your overall budget

Don’t forget to vary the wedding when deciding how much you can spend on a dress. While variable costs vary depending on your dress and the style of change, most brides spend a few hundred dollars, and sometimes more. The more you plan to customize the outfit, the more you’ll spend.

Our solution for Wedding dress alterations by FAQs 
  • How long does a dress fitting appointment last?

On average, you should expect your first dress change appointment to last about an hour. The first appointment will take the longest, especially if you do a lot of customization, such as adding sleeves or changing the neckline, as this is the first time our tailors will see you in the skin. After the first appointment, each attempt usually lasts less than an hour.

  • How much can you alter a wedding dress?

The exact wedding dress changes you can make will depend on your dress – the fabric, the beading, and whether you buy to size or have it tailored will all make a difference. But in general, our experienced tailors will be able to work their magic and completely redesign your dress, if that’s what you want. 

Whether it’s adding corset panels, shortening the straps, inserting a bust, adding lace, sewing cups to the bodice, elevating the hem, and more, your options for wedding modifications are virtually endless infinite. When shopping for your wedding dress, always ask the retailer or designer what kind of customization can be done. If they are unable to accommodate your request during the design process, they may refer you to A&Z Tailors as a professional tailor who specializes in working with their apparel.

  • Can you alter a dress that is too small?

While it’s easier to pack wedding dresses that are too large, a professional tailor can also alter your dress if it’s too small and needs to be taken out. In general, most wedding dresses have seams that can be pulled out an inch or two, which is ideal if you just need your skirt to be a little larger. To accommodate many dress sizes, your tailor can add a lace cardigan to the back or inserts on the sides of the bodice.

  • What if I lose or gain weight before my wedding?

Even if you’ve got your wedding dress a year before your wedding day, most tailors don’t recommend changing it until about three months before the big day. At this point, you’re unlikely to have weight fluctuations affect the look of your outfit. After the first try-on, you should schedule two or three additional appointments: once or twice a month before the wedding, and the final try-on/off about two weeks before the wedding day.