Editor | January 6, 2024
Finding the right wedding dress is an unforgettable adventure, but finding the right fit isn't over when you leave the bridal store. To make sure your ideal wedding dress fits you like a glove, modifications are a must. When it comes to wedding... Read more »
aztailor | December 7, 2023
As the holidays get near, our minds go to the happy get-togethers, celebrations, and treasured times that lie ahead. And at the core of these festivities is a shared goal: to look our very best. Many people must make a critical choice in order to do this... Read more »
aztailor | December 5, 2023
The holiday season brings the excitement of dressing up for Christmas parties. Even the best clothing doesn't fit. It's too long in one place, too loose in another, and you're worried about a wardrobe malfunction. The answer? Changing clothing. A Z Tailo... Read more »
aztailor | March 5, 2022
The bridesmaid dress is made up of various parts. Each portion is altered differently, from the slump to the hip. And it all begins with understanding how much of a difference whatsoever between one’s size and the gown's size. Using Duct Tape, Adjus... Read more »
aztailor | February 22, 2022
You're in a thrift store and you see a vintage Armani suit that you love, but the shoulders are too wide. Don’t worry use the Suit jacket Alteration service to sort it out. In those cases, the difference between haggling and spending money depends on w... Read more »
aztailor | January 12, 2022
When you wear any cloth, the first thing that people notice is the fitting. Too loose or too tight clothes cannot enhance your look and personality. Thus, you need to focus on what you’re wearing and how it’s fitting is. Are you looking for an experi... Read more »
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aztailor | December 14, 2021
It's wedding season, which can only mean one thing Bridesmaids Dress Alterations and more. Whether you're getting up at a wedding or coordinating wedding reception changes as a bride-to-be. It's important to know what to expect when sewing bridesmaid dre... Read more »