aztailor | May 27, 2024
The symbol of the classic Scottish culture and heritage, the kilt happens to be the pride of the people of Scottish descent. On the other hand, the kilts have come up in the recent years as one of the most well established parts of fashion. But you will ... Read more »
Jumpsuit Alteration Luton
aztailor | May 23, 2024
The jumpsuits have no doubt turned into a very important fashion staple. These jumpsuits offer a versatile and stylish option. It is essential for any sort of occasion. However, do keep in mind that finding the perfect fit can indeed be a challenge. It i... Read more »
Leather belt Repair
aztailor | May 21, 2024
The leather belts offer much more than mere utility. With their variety, they represent different style in the most classic sense indeed. However, a bad and loose fit can absolutely ruin the entire look with your rest of the clothes. The process of profe... Read more »
Curtain alteration Bedfordshire
aztailor | May 9, 2024
Yes, the curtain are the few of the elements in your house that make your house look the best. At the same time, you need to make sure that the sizes and cuts of the curtains stay proper, just the way they should be as per your windows or doors. This is ... Read more »
Jacket Zip Replacement Luton
aztailor | May 9, 2024
The importance of the jacket alteration comes up where you need the attire to stay in the best condition for years. Yes, when you buy the dress, it stays in the best condition for years, but then you will notice that there are signs of wear and tear. If ... Read more »
Ballgown alteration Aylesbury
aztailor | May 9, 2024
The prom night is a very special one, specially for the teenagers. At the prom night, every bit of details are important, and that is why a great many things are considered. When it comes to the dresses, the ballgowns gain a lot of importance and attenti... Read more »
Blazer Alteration Hitchin
aztailor | May 8, 2024
If you have the right blazer then know for sure that your wardrobe has a gem there. The use of the blazer in official and casual occasions actually increases your confidence and offers you a sense of style. But keep in mind that for you to look the best,... Read more »
Leather Trouser Alteration Aylesbury
aztailor | May 7, 2024
The leather trousers are the excellent mixes of sophisticated looks and elegant presentation. However, the question of longevity, a great many questions may rise up. There are certain cases however, where these trousers fall prey to wear and tear. As a r... Read more »
Custom made Bridesmaid Dress alterations
aztailor | May 7, 2024
The special wedding season is all about love and adoration where everyone opts for the perfect settings. In this event, the role of the bridesmaids is quite important. And yes, they look beautiful in their dresses. The bridesmaid dresses, for this reason... Read more »
Fur coat alteration Luton
aztailor | May 7, 2024
Perhaps in the world of fashion, there are very few things that could say so much about luxury and timelessness, like a fur coat. A fur coat is more than just a garment; it represents opulence, speaking a lot about one's testimonial to craftsmanship. Tho... Read more »